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Children's Wooden Swing Sets

Swing Sets

Kids love swing sets! They are exhilarating and rewarding because children can learn to swing so quickly. Their senses are in overdrive because they feel the movement of the swing, and the wind in their hair and faces. The forces of the swing motion is also something new, which adds to the excitement.

Ourdoors swing sets are extra fun doe to the fun of being in the fresh air in the garden. A play swing is great, whilst play sets also include addition activities such a slides and monkey bars to give an additional challenge or more space if multiple children, friends or siblings are playing in the garden together.

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Wooden Swing and Slide Set

Cedar is our chosen wood for our sets, this is because its natural resins make insects run, while preventing rot simultaneously. The structure of cedar gives it a high dimensional stability, this means it doesn't shrink and expand in changing weather conditions. Perfect for many countries where we cant count on rain and sun throughout our summers.

Essentially our climbing frames are a swing and slide sets, with added value having extras like rock walls and children's monkey bars which make up the climbing features.

Baby Swing and Slide Set

Making s garden set inclusive for all the family is simple, add a baby seat. These keep infants upright so they have a sense swinging independently before they are ready to use belt swings.

With swing sets suitable for the family these really will last through a full childhood or two if you've more than one child, they represent some on the best value for you can get for any play equipment indoors or out.