Wooden Swing Sets

Best value kid's swing sets. Ideal for two, three or four children to play at once. Including kids swings, trapeze aerobatic bars, 2-child back-to-back glider swings and baby swings

Swings have been around for years and everyone seems to develop memories and friendships on swing sets at home or out at the park using this popular toy.

Our wooden swing sets all include a flexible belt swing, this comfortable and safe. These swings grip you or your child to creating a comfy seat that also grips securely (making it safer than a solid plastic swing). Swings on Selwood climbing frame are easily replaceable with baby seats, trapeze bars and gliders.

Kids Swings, Trapeze Aerobatic Bars & 2-Child Gliders
Children swinging on a wooden swing set in their garden

Kids Swings

Fun and confidence inspiring. Our flexible swing seats grip kids's hips, ensuring they move about less and can focus on swinging higher!

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Older kids love to swing, hang or spin round aerobatic bars

Trapeze Aero Bars

Fantastic for older children. Our trapeze swings and aerobatic bars enable kids to get creative. Fun to hang from, sit on, or loop around!

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Glider swings for one or two children

2-Child Gliders

Enable your children to enjoy their swing set on their own or with friends and siblings with our 2-child back-to-back gliders.

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Baby seat allow toddlers to enjoy family swings too

Baby Seats

Babies deserve a special seat so they can enjoy a family swing set too. Our baby seat safely supports them as they enjoy the fun.

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Swings and hardware for kids swing sets

Swing Accessories

If you're looking to get an extra add-on swing or trapeze bar then our swing accessories are perfect.

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Tough and durable

Why Our Swings?

What makes our swings the best? Learn more about what we do during design and manufacture to make our products unique.

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