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Skyline Swingset

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Model: 214604

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The Skyline Swingset is a fantastic garden playset, designed to keep your children entertained. Suitable for both younger and older children, the Skyline has both an enclosed tube slide, and a straight slide.

The Skyline swing set is constructed with cedar wood, this creates the stunning aesthetics in your backyard with the added bonus of being naturally resistant to rot and infestation. Cedar wood is also soft to the touch and this helps protect little hands when playing.

Please note there is no Box 5 required for this playset.

Fort Features

skyline swingset fort
The Skyline swingset deck is 1.5m high and is 172cm by 100cm. This leaves loads of space for multiple children to stand and look from the climbing frames windows, or climb into the raised platform above the swings. The lookout tower is 100cm x 70cm in size and provides the perfect opportunity to play pirates as they can look out over the high seas.

Swing Features

skyline swingset glider
The Skyline swingset has two great belt swings and the fantastic two child glider swing. The belt swings are designed to provide a tight, secure but most importantly comfortable sitting position to your child when swinging. The two child glider swing is ideal for helping children to learn about teamwork as they attempt to swing higher and faster through the air.

Slide Features

climbing frame slide
The Skyline swingset has a yellow tube slide is fully enclosed and curves around almost a full 360 degrees, providing an exhilarating ride. This is a particularly popular slide with children and it is also a great space saver. The straight green slide at the front of the play equipment is easily accessible from within the fort. The slide provides a fast and fun journey back down to ground level and the raised edges on the side of the slide helps to ensure a straight and true ride on the way down.

Climbing Features

skyline swingset rockwall
The Skyline swingset features a number of great climbing opportunities for your children including the rockwall ladder and the upper crows nest. The rockwall ladder provides access to the 5ft upper deck and caters to climbers of all abilities. Novice climbers can use the gaps in the ladder to ascend normally, whilst more advanced climbers can scale the rockwall using the mounting points. Really adventurous children with a head for height can ascend higher by going up into the crows nest.

Play Features

skyline swingset cabin
The skyline swingset has a chalkwall and cafe counter bench. The chalkwall is a great place to doodle and scribble down notes, draw pictures or alternatively it can be used to display prices if your children would like to play games like shop or airport check in desk. The cafe counter is the ideal location to take a quick rest after a busy days play.

Additional Info

Skyline swingset construction
The Skyline swingset comes pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained making home-build as easy as possible. We also supply an illustrated owner’s manual showing you exactly how to build the set. All you’ll need is basic DIY tools. This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 14 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use. This frame comes with a 10 year wood warranty and a 1 year warranty on all plastic and metal components.

Owners Handbook & Illustrated Instruction Manual

Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader
Our owners manuals and illustrated instruction manuals are in pdf format. This is a generic format which can be opened and printed using all types of computer, tablet or mobile device.

Size Guide

Layout Dimensions

Imperial18' 0"cm15' 8"10' 7"480.60 lbs

Guidelines recommend a Safety Zone of 1.8 meters.

Packaging Dimensions - No Box 5 Required

Box NamePart NoEan NoLengthWidthHeightWeightCubed
Box 1B239313438647/3438648139.70cm55.88cm8.89cm22.330.07
Box 2B239323438651/3438652243.84cm55.88cm16.51cm70.300.22
Box 3B239333438752/3438753243.84cm55.88cm13.97cm45.810.19
Box 4B232943438653/3438654264.16cm111.76cm7.62cm52.160.24
Box 6B23936343852178.94cm76.21cm50.16cm22.680.30
Box 7 (Slide)B23937Poly Bag248.92cm53.34cm25.40cm13.600.33


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Customer Reviews

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Playground Builder 04 116 2017 04 27 201716:48
Awesome! (GCollins)
  • This is a well designed and high quality playground set. The little things like gables and the superior finish show the attention to details which lifts the aesthetic and build of the structure. It's definitely a better design when compared to many of the other products we had been looking at.
    Set aside a full weekend, read twice and screw once with regards to the instructions. I was able to do it all myself with the only help being my wife assisting to lift the roof on.
    The end result is an excellent playground that you will have for years to come and the kids will love it!
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Manda 10 276 2017 10 04 201718:41
Skyline climbing frame
  • I purchased this skyline climbing frame for my son for the Christmas of 2016..my partner and I were both amazed by the quality and easy instrustions that were provided with it.. Just so simple !! We were both relieved when we started though the first few pages lol .. My son Was so excited when we revealed the final product.. Customer service team are fantastic help me with all questions I had and Payment options were fantastic . .. THANKS CLIMBING FRAMES AUSTRALIA .. And now everyday had been deemed CUBBY DAY.
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Brett 03 79 2017 03 21 201721:02
Skyline Climbing Frame - Santa's greatest gift
  • We purchased our Skyline Climbing Frame for our two children for Christmas and what a master stroke it was. Having previously purchased an Osborne climbing frame at our last residence we decided that as the kids were a little older (and braver) that we would go a big and better frame for our new house.

    The kids were absolutely blown away by the second slide, the fort and extra swing area. They are glued to it as much as we will allow them, sometimes having to drag them to the dinner table or bath time.

    I would highly recommend this model to anybody in decision limbo to make the leap and order right away.

    As always the frame is built to an outstanding quality and very easy to assemble with a second or third set of hands.
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Jeanine 03 74 2017 03 16 201714:00
Skyline Swingset
  • After discovering we were missing some pieces (promptly sorted by climbingframes) we started building our swingset. A challenge made harder by having a sloping section to build it on.
    One suggestion we would offer in order to reduce the build time would be for the box number to be put after the part number in each step of the main instruction guide instead of just appearing in the parts manual.
    The customer service team is outstanding very prompt response time and any problems quickly resolved.
    Overall, we are impressed with the quality of the fort and the kids love playing on it even though we haven't finished building it yet as the missing parts only recently arrived.
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Katie Gray 03 72 2017 03 14 201700:55
Skyline Swingset with Tubeslide
  • We have had the playground for about 18 months, its looks as good as new. The kids love it and their friends are super excited to come over and play. We live on a large property and it means the kids can enjoy themselves while we are tending to the veggie patches and the animals. It has taught them to be more agile, it is great for their fitness and encourages outside play.
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Kris 11 306 2017 11 03 201716:53
Skyline Swingset
  • Great quality and easy to assemble. The family absolutley loves the Skyline swingset!
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Jordan 09 245 2017 09 03 201701:33
The best investment we have made!!
  • Being the dream husband that I am, I wanted to build a playhouse for the kids. After months of planning I found my design was over ambitious and so too was the hefty price tag. This left me in a pickle. There had to be a company out there that had a product as good I imagined and be more cost effective. My wife and I searched high and low for what felt like months and we came across Climbing Frames Australia. Not only were their designs fresh but their products looked like they would be a hit with the children. After a lot of umming and arrring (due to the amount of choices they provided) we finally purchased the Skyline Swingset, we choose this because we loved the features of the double slides, the three swings and the nifty little crows nest up the top. The whole purchase process was a delight from start to finish. Climbing Frames Australia were so easy to deal with and the product arrived in record time, we purchased this in time for Christmas and we had no hassles. After working night and day, with the help of a couple of friends we finally got it up. The instructions were extensive, but we were proud of our achievements. And so were the boys. I honestly don't think I was ready for what was to come. The kids absolutely LOVE their new climbing frame, my daily routine now consists of coming home from work and going straight into the backyard to push them on the swing. When I get bored and want to sit down they start to cry because they just want to keep playing, my son even thinks he is a pirate and climes up the crows nest saying "Shiver me timbers! Me wooden leg is falling off" I often have to bribe them with chocolate just so they will come inside. This has by far been the best investment we have made for our children, we don't have to worry about going to the park, because we have all the fun in our backyard. My wife also tells me mothers group is now always held at our house, just because all the kids love playing on the climbing frame so much.

    The frame is durable and well constructed, you can tell the quality is second to none and built to stand the test of time. I have even gone down the slide a few times myself and I am a very large man, believe me... if it can hold me its tough. I knew a climbing frame would be a hit, and I am so glad we were able to find a company that had exactly what we were after. This will be in our family for many years to come and I look forward to spending my days pushing the boys on the swing and watching their enjoyment as the play happily on their awesome climbing frame.
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Andrew 09 245 2017 09 03 201700:15
A great fort
  • This is a hit with my daughter and her friends. The look-out is a great addition and kids love to watch the trains over the back fence from there.

    Overall its mostly straight forward to put together, took us longer than what was estimated on the manual.
    The only issues we had were
    1) one written instruction didn't match what I was seeing, but the graphic matched so it still worked out okay.
    2) The angled holes at the top of the aframe for the swings were not drilled on the correct angle so we had to fix them.
    3) The tube slide is fiddly to put together until you get the hang of it and it needed some persuasion to get it in. I recommend using a ratchet screwdriver if you have one for this part of the job - an electric screwdriver just didn't work well enough.

    * If you have room, layout all the bits in order first - makes finding stuff lots easier
    * Have two sets of most tools and screw driver heads - that way one person can be assembling on the ground and another fixing to the frame
    * Have multiple electric drills to reduce how much bit swapping you need to do.

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Ziya 07 183 2017 07 03 201714:01
  • The play equipment was awesome
    easy to out together
    very strong
    well made
    all parts were there
    quick delivery
    Very easy to deal with
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Sarah 06 153 2017 06 03 201722:53
Skyline Swingset
  • Our kids (and their friends and the neighbours) have enjoyed countless hours on the Skyline Swingset and it has been a wonderful motivator for them to spend even more time outdoors. My husband and I decided to assemble the Swingset ourselves, despite that we have very limited handyman skills (zero skills whatsoever in my case). While it was a considerable task we had fun doing it and the kids enjoyed getting involved too.
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