Safe & Durable

We want to ensure that you are delighted when you receive your new climbing frame, which is why we spend time ensuring our products adhere to the highest possible quality and design procedures before they are delivered to you. We spend time and effort from the initial stages of design, manufacturing, right through to the packaging and delivery of your product to ensure that you experience a quality service for your new Climbing frame. On this page you will be able to look at in detail the various quality and design stages that our playsets go through before they are despatched to yourselves.

Climbing Frame Manufacturing


We want to ensure that you are delighted with your new playset when you receive it. That is why we have worked hard to ensure that at every stage of our manufacturing process that we utilse the best components, from design through manufacture out to delivery. To read more about the process we take to design, construct and package your product please click below.

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Cedar wood

Cedar Wood

Ensuring that you are using the right type of wooden components to construct your playset is essential. That is why we only use Cedar wood, as it is resistant to rot and insect infestation and further more it is kind to your childrens hands as there is no need for pressure treatment. Find out why we think Cedar wood is the perfect choice for your Climbing Frame.

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Climbing Frame Safety Screws


Our wooden climbing frames are built to last, but it is nice to know that should you experience any problems with a piece of wood we have a dedicated parts team that can assist with problems when building or send out any replacement parts. Your climbing frame comes with a 10-year wood warranty and we have lots of happy reviews from customers online. So you can rest assured and buy your climbing frame with confidence.

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Climbing Frame Safety Testing

Product Testing

Safety is very important and as with all manufactured components, our climbing frames have to be tested to ensure health and safety regulations are met. The standards for residential climbing frames usage is the EN-71. If you would like to see more about how our climbing frame components are put through their paces and tested to ensure safety please click below.

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Up to 10-year wood warranty

Ten Year Wood Warranty

When you purchase a climbing frame you want to ensure that it last for the duration as your children continue to grow. That is why we use the best components to manufacture our sets and back this up with our up to 10-Year wood warranty. Providing you with peace of mind when it comes to the process of choosing the correct playset for your garden.

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Covered Play Deck

Hardware & Accessories

At Selwood we sell a range of playsets with both Vinyl and Wooden roofs. Whilst both roofing structures are perfectly fine, we find that a wooden roof can offer some additional benefits when it comes to the final build of your new climbing frame. To find out more about these benefits and to browse a selection of playsets with wooden roofs click below to read more.

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