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  • Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame
  • Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame
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  • Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame
  • ridgeview deluxe climbing frame rock wall
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Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame

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Model: 210309

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The Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame is constructed with cedar wood due to it being soft to the touch and naturally resistant to rot, decay and infestation. The frame includes a pair of belt swings and a two child glider, the fort has a rockwall climbing ladder and slide attached with monkey bars at the rear of the frame. The lower cubby has a serving area with cafe seating.

Fort Features

ridgeview climbing frame fort
The Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame's 120cm high play deck is accessed by a slatted rockwall with multi-coloured climbing rocks or the monkey bars. Monkey bars are a firm favourite with the little ones and the positioning of these at the rear of the frame means your garden doesn't have to be huge to accommodate them. Outside the window of the upper play deck is a flower box which could be used to grow a small herb garden. The upper playdeck measures 98cm x 118cm.

Swing Features

ridgeview climbing frame swings
The Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame has a 3 position swing beam with 2 belt swings and a 2 child glider. This is great if you have several children wanting to use the playset at the same time. The belt swings are made from a flexible plastic that molds perfectly around the occupant to provide a tight, secure and most importantly a comfortable seating position.

Slide Features

climbing frame slide
The slide on the Ridgeview Deluxe is made from a durable, UV protected HPDE material to provide strength and stability. The slide features raised edges to provide an extra layer of security for your children when sliding. These raised edges are increased at the top enabling your child to get a firm grip as they look to start their decent back to terra firma.

Climbing Features

ridgeview climbing frame rock wall
There are two fantastic climbing features on the Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame that will help to keep your children busy; these include the rockwall climbing ladder and the monkey bars. The rockwall ladder is perfect for all children no matter their climbing ability. Open slats on the rockwall enables this to be used as a ladder, while more advanced climbers can make use of the rockwall mounts.

Play Features

climbing frame chalk wall
The lower playhouse is completely enclosed with small windows to the front and a large serving hatch at the side with 2 café stools attached to the outside. This is where your children can rest and recuperate if they get tired from all the excitement. There is also a fantastic chalk-wall on the upper fort deck where you children can rest, take five and sketch out some great drawings.

Additional Info

climbing frame construction
The Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame is pre-cut, 90% pre-drilled and pre-stained which helps make home-build as easy as possible. We also supply an illustrated owner’s manual showing you exactly how to build the set. All you’ll need is basic DIY tools. This frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.

Owners Handbook & Illustrated Instruction Manuals

Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader
Our owners manuals and illustrated instruction manuals are in pdf format. This is a generic format which can be opened and printed using all types of computer, tablet or mobile device.

Size Guide

Layout Dimensions

Imperial14' 5"cm13' 6"9' 5"324.98 lbs

Guidelines recommend a Safety Zone of 1.8 meters.

Packaging Dimensions

Box NamePart NoEan NoLengthWidthHeightWeightCubed
Ridgeview FSC Box 1B290855FSCtbcr88.90cm39.40cm30.50cm22.700.11
Ridgeview FSC Box 2B290856FSCtbcri231.10cm35.60cm20.30cm55.800.16
Ridgeview FSC Box 3B290857FSCtbcrid231.10cm35.60cm22.90cm61.200.19
Straight Slide (1.2m)A24548E875257045483215.90cm41.91cm17.78cm7.710.16

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Money well Spent 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Money well Spent
  • Ordered the Ridgeview deluxe for our grandchildren Easy to order online . I had questions and there was someone online to answer my questions straight away . We ordered and was kept up to date With emails on its delivery . Delivered spot on time Easy to put up as instructions very easy to follow. Grandchildren absolutely thrilled they have been On it everyday / even in the rain !! Money well Spent and good sturdy product . I am in the process Of looking through this website for another Swing set for my garden . Have recommended This company to many people.
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Thank you! 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Thank you!
  • Our children (3 years old and 1 years old) absolutely adore the Ridgeview Climbing frame. They love the fast paced slide, drawing on the chalk board, watering the flowers in the plant trough and playing cafes by the stools and inside playhouse. There is never a dull moment. The one year old loves the two-child glider, whether she's playing alone or with her playmates who love coming to use the climbing frame. From a parental point of view, the structure is sturdily built, the plastic slide and swing parts seems durable and hardy. The climbing frame was excellent value for money, compared to others on the market. It was also straight forward to put together - it did take longer than the manual suggested though. The delivery was without haste. WE are very impresses and several of my friends have asked where we got it - CLIMBING FRAMES UK! Thank you!
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Really pleased 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Really pleased
  • We bought this for our 3 year old daughter (and baby brother when he is big enough) and she absolutely loves it! Ordering was easy, we pre-ordered and it came in early, delivery was good (paid extra for two man delivery) The frame is exactly as expected. It took my husband and a friend approximately 14 hours to erect as described, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Assembly would be easier if it came in pre assembled sections rather than individual pieces, but then I presume that would make it more expensive. Overall we are really pleased and are looking forward to seeing our children having many years of joy playing on it!
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The service I received was outstanding 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
The service I received was outstanding
  • I have recently purchased the Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame from you. Firstly I am very pleased with the climbing frame the quality and finish of the parts, fixtures and fittings was very good and the instructions were very easy to follow. I managed to build it alone within 14 hours. But mainly for me the service I received was outstanding. There were a few screws missing from my kit and some of the wood was damaged. I have no issues with this as wood can easily get damaged. I called up and was advised to fill out the online form. Within 2 days of filling this form in the parts had arrived at my house. In that time I had several e-mails from your parts department from Matt. He explained what was going to happen and gave me a time scale, I was contacted a few times by Matt his messages were very professional and I believed he actually cared about me as a customer. The parts arrived exactly when he said they would. I honestly did not believe that the issues would be resolved so quickly. The customer service and after sales service I received from your company was outstanding. As a result of this I will have no hesitation and indeed intend to recommend your company and its products to all my friends. People are always too quick to complain these days about anything. I believe it is necessary to give thanks when a great service has been received.
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Excellent quality 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Excellent quality
  • An excellent service from Climbing Frames UK from the moment I placed the order. Customer service was efficient and friendly whenever I phoned. The climbing frame itself is excellent quality but I'm glad we had it installed as it looked a bit complicated. My little girl loves it already and wanted to spend hours playing on it the day it was built despite the continual rain. I'm sure she'll have many hours of fun outside in the garden now.
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Worth every penny!! :) 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Worth every penny!! :)
  • We bought this for our 2 little girls aged 5 and 3. It took 3 of us one day to put together (9 hour day). The set is strong and safe. The girls haven't wanted to play inside since we got it! Even in the rain!!! The rest of the kids on the estate seem to enjoy it too! Worth every penny!! :)
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Great value for money 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Great value for money
  • Great product, I managed to assemble majority of frame on my own (mum over 40) apart from lifting on roof and larger sections! Kids have endless fun and their friends really enjoy it too. Great value for money and would highly recommend :)
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Just brilliant! 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Just brilliant!
  • Absolutely fantastic product! Very easy instructions to follow for construction. It did take a full day but with a few of us doing it, it was actually quite fun! My 3 yr old daughter and the children that I childmind have had hours of fun playing on the climbing frame. The games they have invented have been wonderful to watch. I couldn't recommend this product anymore. Just brilliant!
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Very happy customer. 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Very happy customer.
  • We love the Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame. We bought it for our son age 5 and daughter age 2. The wood is very good and solid. Swings are easy to attach and remove. We also bought a telescope and a baby infant swing, which my daughter loves and fits in perfect. This frame has everything u need in a climbing frame. Climbing frame uk was brilliant from start to finish. Building it was ok... We didn't realise that a drill attachment was included, but our fault for not reading properly. Instructions are good though compared to different builds we have done in the past. Did take 1 and a half days to build with 8 people helping. Would definitely recommend buying this frame from climbing frames uk. Very happy customer.
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Sukhy 12 345 2016 12 11 201602:27
Great Product from respectable supplier
  • Purchased the product towards the end of April, and it arrived within a few days. Took a bit longer than 14 hours to assemble and did get a couple of splinters initially, which can be expected from wood. The material is very lightweight but still very robust. I decided to assemble as much as I could on my own before calling friends/family for assistance... only to save on the beers!
    Managed to get up to Step 12 (out of 41) without any help but it took nearly 3 weekends to do this. It really makes sense to have 2 people to do the job but you have to be disciplined to work through it from early in the day without too many breaks.

    The assembly was made a bit more difficult since the numbers printed on some of the wood panels had been smudged. This made it a little more difficult to identify parts. We had used all the space in the garage to organise the parts in some sort of order. Luckily I also have a worktop in the garage where I was able to lay out all the packs of screws/nuts/bolts/washers in a neat order for easy identification.

    On the downside, there were definitely too many different screws/bolts and fixings. This made it more of a challenge.

    Advice to all... Read the instructions clearly!! Pre-drilling is important where mentioned in order to avoid splitting the wood. We did a bit of overkill on this by pre-drilling most holes. Talking of which, it would have been useful to have more pre-drilled holes available on the unit for fitting certain parts.

    Once we placed the main playhouse onto it's final resting place we could see that the spirit level became a bit redundant. The grass surface can never be completely even and thus the playhouse can't either. Fortunately my esteemed helper had a good eye for seeing things straight.

    The satisfaction of the self-assembly came when my daughter ran out and jumped onto the Glider. She was overjoyed with the new feature in the garden and was refusing to go back inside - and all this before we'd finished with the overall build!

    If I had the choice again, I would still assemble it myself rather than paying someone else for the time. Maybe this is because I do like doing some DIY work and gain joy in achieving the end result.
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