Sand Play Areas

A garden sandpit is the next best thing to a family day at the beach! Children love digging, drawing and constructing things in the sand. It allows them to get messy, be creative and practice their motor skills and coordination. Playing in a sandpit with a friend is also a great way to learn social skills including how to share and cooperate with others. It’s a great sensory play experience, too.

Our sand pits for toddlers come in a range of styles and sizes. Many of our wooden play equipment comes with sandbox boards below the treehouse fort. Some include smaller sand/water tables affixed to the legs of the fort. Our play equipment varies in size, so whatever the size of your garden, you can find a sandpit to suit. The sand play it protected under the roof and deck of the play equipment, ensuring it remains dry and free from leaves and debris.

Encouraging your children to get outside and have fun digging, scooping, pouring and building sandcastles is good for them for numerous reasons. Including coordination, creativity, emotional and psychological development, and even teamwork.

If you have several children then our larger sandpits will give them plenty of area to play in. They're big enough so they can enjoy the feeling of the sand between their toes! Bigger sandpits also enable them to bring other toys such as cars or diggers. Giving hours of play. Smaller sand tables or our play kitchens are great for enabling creative play, such as sand cakes and cookies!

Children often love to play in sand for hours at a time. Our large wooden roof and play deck above ensures they're protected from the sun. It's also useful to have a water supply close, so kids can add some as needed to ensure it's stable enough for their construction projects. Dry sand will be too dusty for them to build castles, towers or bridges.

We'd recommend you use 'play sand' to fill your sandpit. You should never use builder’s sand as it can contain additives and preservatives that could be dangerous for your children’s health. In addition, builders sand can stain clothes. You can use also use kiln dried sand, but this is quite fine so doesn’t make the best sandcastles! It may be a good idea to cover your sandpit as the weather cools off and rain is more frequent. This will ensure that the sand stays clean and free from weeks and dirt.

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