Climbing Frame Rockwall Ladders

This slatted rock wall ladder offers the best of both worlds for little climbers. For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, the moulded plastic climbing rocks are a natural choice for a daring climb. For those with a little less confidence, then the spaces between the ladder slats will provide an easier ascent to the top! The spaces between the slats are also easy to climb down - ideal if the queue for the slide is too long! Our rock wall ladders are a combination to ensure that all ages of children can enjoy them and maximise their use of the playset.

Combination Rockwall Ladders

Combination rockwall ladders are great for children of all ages.

Rockwalls for Younger Children

Our combination rock wall ladders are ideal for younger children as there's gaps between the slats. Children use these as hand and foot holds. They are large enough to enable unrestricted climbing with shoes on.

Children can also use the shaped rocks if they wish, and as they build confidence they can use these for both hands and feet holds.

The cedar wood is specifically chosen because it's ideal for children's play equipment. The wood is soft to touch, minimal cracks and splinters, and rounded edges ensuring your children's soft hands are protected.

As they climb up to the play deck there's also a hand rail, ensuring they can enter the play fort easily and safely.

Rockwalls for Older Children

Our combination rockwall ladders are great for older children as the shaped climbing rocks enable a more challenging climb than using the slats.

If older children wish to climb faster then they can always use the slats, and there's a handrail at the top as they enter the fort to help keep them safe.

Older children also love the challenge of monkey bars, so if you have older children, or think you kids may be interested in a few years then you may wish to consider purchasing one of our climbing frames with monkey bars.

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