Kids Outdoor Play Equipment

All our wooden playgrounds are manufactured from premium cedar. They're fun, safe & durable - Including up to 10 years wood warranty as standard!

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Outdoor Play Equipment: Cubbies, Swing Sets & Kids Slides

Kids love the outdoors, regardless of weather or temperature. They'll happily run about the yard, dig, climb or swing for hours if allowed. Creating an outdoor play area is vital in allowing your children to enjoy physical exercise, nature and fresh air from the safety of your own backyard.

We offer a variety of play equipment with swings, slides, cubbies, monkey bars and more besides. Enabling your children to learn and practice physical and social skills as they play in the comfort and security of your garden.

Introducing toddlers to different movements through play enables them to improve their motor skills while building confidence. Introducing movement develops their balance and coordination. As children get older they can refine these skills and begin to develop strength with activities such as monkey bar climbers or swinging with their siblings and friends. All whilst you keep a watchful eye over them.

Here's a selection of the types of outdoor play equipment we offer:

Kids Outdoor Slides

We are yet to meet a child yet who doesn’t enjoy the liberating, simple joy of an outdoor slide! Suitable for small and big kids, our slides are reinforced because we know they climb up as well as slide down. Our slides include high rails at the top to aid entry and to keep kids retained on the way down, plus a lip at the bottom so they don't shoot of into the ground. Both to keep bumps and grazes to a minimum, allowing you to put the feet up free of worry. Our range includes straight slides, tube tunnel slides and combo play equipment with multiple slides.

Kids Swing Sets

A simple swing offers so much fun and enjoyment and is a fantastic addition to your garden for the kids. Our swings are solidly constructed with solid metal hangers, durable soft-grip rope and flexible swing seats. Our swing seats grip kids hips, giving them confidence to swing high without slipping and sliding about. They looks fantastic, and are sure to be a well-adored fixture in the garden for years to come.

Cubby Houses & Cabins

Children all want to be like their parents. Nothing pleases kids more than to have their own cubby, so they can be mum or dad of the house. The imaginative games don't stop there, as nothing pleases them more than to bake for their family and friends, invite people to their cafe, or serve from their ice cream shop. That is why a beautifully crafted wooden cubby can allow the kids to play in their own space at a safe distance. Let their imaginations run wild playing restaurants, schools, or 'escaping' in their pirates hideout.

Kids Monkey Bars

As kids get older they naturally look for bigger challenges. This is where our monkey bar climbers excel. They are short enough not to be scary, whilst long enough to provide a challenge to kids of all ages.

Play Equipment Accessories

Not only do we offer a great range of kids outdoor play equipment. We also sell a unique range of add-on accessories. These can be purchased individually or at the same time as your playground.

Outdoor Play Equipment For All

We believe all children should have the benefit of being able to play, learn and develop safely outside. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers throughout Australia the very best value outdoor play equipment. Our all-in-one swing sets, slides and cubbies are compact, cost effective and durable. Meaning you can fit more into your garden, in less space and for a lower cost.

Specialist Domestic Playground Equipment

We specialise in private domestic play equipment. This enables us to ensure we fit as much as possible onto our sets. Our all-in-one sets can fit in smaller gardens whilst still including both swings and slides. Commercial suppliers separate activities and space things out because they have huge spaces available and big budgets. We understand our customers do not want this, so we do not compromise our range.

Big, Medium or Small Gardens & Yards

Our products can be used in any size backyard. The majority of our range includes swings, slides and cubbies, but we have a selection of elevated forts with slides, or monkey bars. This ensures even those with smaller gardens or limited space for playground equipment at home can find something for their kids.

Throughout Australia

We cater for everyone regardless of where you live. We have local pick-up depots throughout Australia. We also offer home delivery, can be more convenient for some, but also a little more costly if you live outside the CBD.