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Buy Now for Spring & Summer

The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread and has changed the way many things operate not only in Australia but globally as well. Due to national lockdowns imposed by Covid-19, there has been a shift in customer spending away from services to goods.

As we navigate through these uncertain times with Covid-19, we wanted to let you know of the changes we have made to our online store and the reasons why. We decided to end our Christmas laybys early this year and have now made all our products Buy Now.

Why Buy Now?

Regional lockdowns have created a huge early Spring demand. There are product shortages already due to the lead time to import goods into Australia increasing from 3 weeks up to 11 weeks. Container shipping prices have risen from $4000.00 AUD to $17,000 AUD due to the lack of availability of containers worldwide. Lack of vessel space into Australia due to the volume of imports and ports being too busy even in August. Wood, plastics and raw material prices have massively increased in the last year.

Home delivery networks in Australia are already struggling to cope before the summer shopping frenzy has even started with quantities larger than Christmas already in the network and an unprecedented increase in demand for logistics services, especially home delivery. This means the delivery fees will keep increasing as couriers profit from demand.

What’s the silver lining?

We are offering discounts on most lines and we have many early season buy now specials. Our products are flat packed and boxed (except the straight slide) and therefore easy to stack and store in a garage or shed. Don’t be disappointed in December with either no available stock or prices through the roof.

If you are buying for summer BUY NOW. Our friendly staff are available to help you 24/7 via our live chat service on our website and we can’t wait to help you choose the perfect Climbing Frame for your family.


BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS - Supply Chain Pressures hit Australia

Covid shutdowns of major international ports are putting extreme pressure on Aussie retailers to fill orders and keep shelves stocked. Australians have been warned not to leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute with the global supply chain crisis leaving retailers struggling to fill orders and to keep shelves stocked.

Due to the “dramatically bad” global supply chain scenario in Asia, prominent Australian retailers may be forced to cancel Black Friday sales due to a lack of stock. As a result, the pressure on Christmas will be twofold.

Bernie Brookes, the former CEO of Myer, was interviewed by press and says Covid-19 shutdowns of major international ports, skyrocketing shipping container prices and shortages in raw materials have all put extreme pressure on retailers. “What we continue to see is just this snowball down a hill, a gathering of different [Covid-19 related] influences … that means that probably the supply out of Asia has been the worst I’ve seen in forty years of retail history,” Brookes said. “It’s quite dramatically bad, and it will not be particularly good coming into Christmas.”

Australian Retail Association CEO, Paul Zahra was also interviewed and agreed, urging both retailers and customers to plan ahead. “Retailers are having to order stock much earlier than they normally would, with most larger retailers building up healthy inventory levels to ensure that they can satisfy their customers,” he said. “The key message for consumers in all of this is don’t leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute.”

At Climbing Frames Australia, we have stock in Sydney and Perth now, for national delivery. Our simple message is Buy Now, please don't delay. Get delivery before the couriers get buried in November and December or stock sells out. It is easy to store the goods for Christmas in a garage or shed as all our products are flat packed and easy to stack on one another.

All incoming stock to Australia is costing more to manufacture, more to import and home delivery rates are increasing weekly so prices in all retailers will increase and supply and demand will be a major issue.




There is a huge shortage of delivery pick ups by all couriers. We are having to wait up to 5 days for the couriers to collect our big heavy boxes from our warehouses where previously it was always next day in Sydney. Shipping to our collection depots are also currently slower than we would wish. This is all due to the COVID-19 situation and the number of online orders within Australia.

We will communicate updates with you from point of order. Please order ASAP to get delivery ahead of Christmas.

Our delivery partners are endeavouring to process, pick up and deliver all orders as quickly as possible, however, we have extended our transit times to reflect the delays. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work with our delivery partners in ensuring that we get your Climbing Frames item to you and your children as fast as we can



As we approach the busy Christmas period we recommend placing your order ASAP. We are working closely with the courier to ensure we get your orders delivered to you pre-Christmas. Our updated pre-Christmas delivery schedule is below but please bear in mind this is subject to stock availability and these dates are also subject to change as we receive updates from the courier.


Metro - Home delivery last order date 3rd December

Remote last order date is 28th Nov

Warehouse pick up last order date 5th December


Home delivery last order date 10th December

Warehouse pick up last order date 17th December


Home delivery last order date 5th December

Warehouse pick up last order date 8th December


Home delivery last order date 30th November

Warehouse Pick Up last order date 5th December


Home delivery last order date - now closed for home delivery 2021.


Warehouse pick up last order date 14th December (very very low stock)

North QLD

Home delivery last order date 20th November

Warehouse pick up last order date 22nd November


Home delivery last order date - now closed for Home delivery 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team via our 24 hour live chat feature. In December we will also be launching LAYBY schemes for late January and late March for home delivery or collection.