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Our outdoor play equipment for kids is designed with three key priorities, fun, safety and value. To make our garden playground equipment as fun as possible, we include all the most popular kids play features. Use the banner images below to view our products which include these features:

Climbing Frame Monkey Bars
Climbing Frame Swings
Climbing Frame Slides
Climbing Frame Integrated Playhouses
Climbing Frame Rockwall
Climbing Frame Sand Play
Climbing Frame Wooden Roof
Chalk Wall
Elevated Kids Cubby Houses
climbing frames picnic table
climbing frames play kitchens
Glider Swings

Learn About Play Features

We are delighted to offer the best play features available, including a selection of slide, climbing and imaginative play accessories. Our climbing frames are designed for children aged 3+. We ensure our products garden play equipment provides entertainment, fun and excitement for all ages. Our playsets are also designed and tested, so they are durable and most importantly safe. Click on the following titles to read more about each feature.
We have a selection of wooden climbing frames that include monkey bars, or combination monkey bar swings. These are excellent play features for older children as they provide entertainment, and a challenge. Using monkey bars helps develop co-ordination in addition to core and upper body strength.
We include the product dimensions on every shopping page on the website. You can see the dimensions under the product images on the category pages, and below the description on the main product pages. Remember to include an additional safety zone around the play centre, we'd suggest approximately 1.8m (6ft).
We have an amazing range of garden playsets which include children's slides. All our slides are exclusive to us, including our extra safe and durable straight wave slide, and our fun exciting tube slides. We also offer combo playsets with two or more slides.
Not only do our climbing frames include towers with forts, swings and slides, some sets also have integrated lower playhouses. These provide a fantastic opportunity for socialisation and creative play, especially with our playhouses with integrated play kitchens.
To access the fort deck we include safe and practical access routes, enabling children of all ages to enjoy their play experience confidently. Our rock walls and ladders are angled (not vertical) and we provide hand grips for a safe and secure entry.