Why not have a climbing frame in your yard as a reward for a hard day at school?

There is a saying ‘work hard, play hard’!

Climbing Frames Australia believe that after your childrens brains have been working so hard to learn as much as possible it is a fantastic reward to be able to come home and play! Playtime is made even more fun, constructive and healthy with a climbing frame, cubby house, swingset or trampoline in your back yard.

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There is a climbing frame to suit every budget and yard size for children aged 3-10. You can gain peace of mind with our 10 year warranty too!

With a climbing frame in the back yard your children, can learn and gain strength by playing on monkey bars, rockwalls, ladders, swings and become creative on the vinyl chalk wall.

So why not buy one today? Keep your kids healthy and active for life!