Welcome the New Dale Climbing Frame!!

The Dale Climbing Frame is part of our new range of Next Generation Climbing Frames, and features a number of new and improved features, including a panelised building system. The new panelised build helps to reduce the amount of time you will need to spend building your new playset, whilst providing the same strong construction and build quality as previous generation frames. This will reduce the ‘scary nature’ of the build in front of you by cutting your installation time in half and is just one of the amazing new features we have to offer to customers from our New Generation frames.

Features of the Dale:

– Fort: The fort on the Next Generation series features the unique and soon to be Captureappreciated panelised build system which will create a strong, solid and secure structure whilst reducing construction time. The upper deck measure 1.2m in height with a play area of 109cm x 109cm providing a large space for various activities and allows your children to survey their ‘kingdom from their very own castle’ and wave down at their protective parents.

– Swing: Constructed from a number of strong wooden beams connected by a strength filled metal bracket creating a secure structure to support the three swing accessories which are associated with the Dale being the double belt swings and the 2-child glider. The belt swings are manufactures from a flexible plastic which moulds around the child, providing a tight, secure and comfortable seat whilst the 2-child glider has been a very much loved assessor for our customers that have 2x on wards kids. It enables team work and communication to occur however this can be used with 1x child just as easy.

– Slide: The Next Generation slides are manufactures from a high grade, durable, UV protected HPDE material to ensure longevity, strength and safety whilst also providing a speedy and exciting descent to level ground. This has been designed with safety in mind featuring the high railings on both side to ensure your children remain on course whilst at the foot of the slide that is a slight shallow gradient providing also a safe exit.

– Play Features: The Dale Climbing Frame features a number of interesting and interactive play features including the lower fort section with an open bottom which can be253232_431036496930088_422797382_n transformed into a mini sandpit, ball pit for parties etc whilst also including a beautiful wooden door to create the illusion that this Climbing Frame is their own home! Along with those you will find a nice addition of a Clock upon the front section of the frame which helps in their time reading and once its time to relax and recover they can move to the back of the frame where they have the loved Cafe Counter and Bench, this is where kids love to play shop and serve their friends or siblings some nice drinks and food.

– Climbing Features: The Dale Climbing Frame provides assess to the Upper Fort level through the Rock Wall Ladder seen on the side entry of the frame being great for both those just developing their little muscles and those more older, experienced climbers. Young children can easily and quickly make their way to the top using the gaps in the ladder to ascend upwards, whilst more advanced explorers can use the rock wall mounts located on the front of the slates to clamber forward to the upper level.

Measurements of the Dale Climbing Frame:

Width Depth Height Weight
Metric 380.00cm 348.00cm 286.00cm 110.00
Imperial 12′ 5” 11′ 5” 9′ 4” 242.51 lbs

Want to ask us anymore questions or need any further clarification on our new product of the Dale Climbing Frame? You can also contact our helpful staff on (02) 9517 4544, via email at info@climbingframes.com.au or pop onto Live Chat where we can assist with all your questions.