Traditional Easter Fun and Weather

Easter long weekend is upon us once again which means loads of chocolate, family time and of course attempting to keep the kids entertained before they go crazy with all the extra time on their hands over the four day weekend. The traditional stashing of the Easter eggs within the backyard and down at the local park does take up a good portion of your Sunday morning however for the rest of the time we’ve got you covered and informed –

Something all should keep in mind is the weather! In Sydney it can be fairly unpredictable with the recent transition of Summer into Autumn so we’ve combined the past five years of weather to help predict what to look out for this coming weekend. With 2013-2014 seeing scattered showers and light rain with tops of 21 degrees to 2015-2016 with sunny to partly cloudy stages throughout the weekend with highs of a summery and hot 37 degrees. In comparison to previous years last year of 2017 saw a cool 24 degrees with a sunny outlook and passing clouds with no rain which is something we might be looking forward to this long weekend. Reports state a top of 23-24 degrees, similar to last year with a mostly sunny day for both Easter Sunday and Monday. With a fantastic run of weather this weekend there’s nothing stopping every Mum and Dad spoiling their kid and making it an entertaining long weekend!

Fun things to do in Sydney this Long Weekend – 

Classic Easter Egg Hunts: There’s nothing more egg-citing for both parents and kids than waking up to the Easter bunny leaving some delicious treats in the yard for the traditional hunt! Changing sizing of the eggs and levels of hardness in the hiding of the eggs can help extend and create more excitement to the morning. For those without a backyard to do this, local parks generally hold large egg hunts for the kids around the community to join and run a muck. And for those wanting a large scale hunt Centennial Park is holding ‘The Great Centennial Park Easter Egg Hunt’ starting from 9am to 3pm in the afternoon with new intervals throughout the day. 

Sydney Royal Easter Show:
 A magical event that brings in thousands of Australians each day is the Sydney Royal Easter Show, this day provides loads of fun and excitement situated in the heart of the city at Sydney Olympic Park. With loads of rides, colourful displays, show bags and cute animals there’s something for everyone and will take up a complete day and if you stick around there’s fireworks each night.

DIY Easter Bonnets: A tradition within Australia is the annual Easter hat parade which sees kids creative side come out with sparkles, glue and all those good things coming together to stride infront of their family and friends. You can bring this inexpensive and fun idea to the home and have each family member also create one of their own. This is a great bonding idea and can turn into a competition for best hat 2018 with the winner eating the first chocolates for the day in front of the jealous on lookers.

Make your own Hot Cross Buns: Cooking is an excellent past time and bonding environment to include all kids with the anticipation for a beautiful treat at the end. Making individual patterns and designs on your hot cross bun is a creative and interactive exercise and a great way to end an afternoon. Drawing a bunny, eggs or your name within the hot cross bun is a great way to decorate these. Not to mention it’s going to be a delicious treat.

Egg and Spoon race: An old fashioned game of Egg and Spoon must arise within your weekend, it’s great way to bring some exercise and fun competition to the family. Your kids will love the classic egg and spoon race as they learn to balance the egg on the spoon and run/sprint/whatever they can manage to reach the end with all their might and co-ordinate towards the finishing line before anyone else to win!

We hope the Easter bunny visits everyones home this long weekend with some surprises for those well behaved children and we suggest the parents get ahold of the children’s chocolates to make it through the long weekend smoothly.

We would love to see everyone make their way out to one of our suggested events or take on board a fun inclusive event to create this Easter long weekend into a remembered one.