Top 5 Next Generation Reviews!

We have placed our Top 5 much loved reviews from many pleased customers on the International scale who have purchased our impressive Next Generations sets as we understand a quality and non-bias review may be the thing that excels our customers to take that next step into considering purchasing one of our wonderful sets.

We understand it is hard to decide on one final set therefore below we have a simple guide on buyers who have purchased from our Next Generation range:

1) “Our kids are both 4, and 8 so we ideally wanted a climbing frame that would suit both of their needs. After they listed their ideal parts that they would love, we chose this one. The kids absolutely love this climbing frame, and it is a very solid build!! The only negative comment that I would have is that the instructions were not that clear, but after a long weekend between two of us it was certainly worth the hours!” – Nova Climbing Frame.


2) “This climbing frame is a fantastic addition to our yard for the kids. They love it. Being in Western Australia, I was expecting a few delays with freight etc. But the whole pack was available to pick up very quickly and easily. We were missing the space glider addition. But once I contacted the company. It was on my doorstep within 36hrs I believe! Very helpful indeed. I had to adjust this one from the swings on the right to the left, but found that an easy adjustment to make with the instruction pack provided. All up I think it took me around 8hrs to put together. So was very satisfied with the whole experience.” – Glee Climbing Frame.


3) “Love this product. Easy to put together, instructions were so easy to understand that Tracy-Moohin__03-02-2016-10-43-27even myself (technically challenged) could put it together. Customer service was great, we had a piece in our set that was split, it arrived the next week so there was no delay in putting it together. My baby boy loves climbing up the ladder and sliding down the slide. The only thing we changed was to get a baby swing and use it as my boy was not comfortable on the rope swing yet. All in all great service, great price, easy to install and Im sure many years if fun to come. Thanks Climbing Frames Australia!” – Dale Climbing Frame.

4) “Very impressed with the climbing frame. The instructions were the best of any flat-packed furniture I have assembled. The unit itself is great, Dale__04-11-2015-12-22-24sturdily constructed and lots of possibilities for fun. My only complaints; One – all the measurements and tooling is imperial; I realise it is from an American company, but given that it is sold world-wide surely metric would make more sense. Two – I was left with many spare bolts/nuts/washers etc. I can only assume these are spares, but was initially concerned that I had missed several steps. It’s great to get spares, but this isn’t communicated in the instructions. All in all, this is a fantastic unit and well worth the price. I can imagine that my kids (and their friends) will have many years of joy from it.” – Dale Climbing Frame.

5) “Very happy with the Peak climbing frame. I managed to put almost the entire frame together myself on Sunday, just getting help with the tube slide and roof yesterday. Sand went in today and over the moon!! However we did chose to leave the monkey bars off for now as my son is only two. We just used an extra window panel to block off the hole. Now to pick him up from daycare so he can see it finished!!” – Peak Climbing Frame.

A little bit about our Next Generation Sets:

Our Next Generation sets are apart of the brand new and improved approach to Climbing Frames with newly designed and tested features, including a panelised building system cutting built time in half within same cases and making the process and fast and easy success. With the creation of a more panelied system the constant strength, durability and quality within previous our sets is still present upon the Next Generation Series.

New designs on the visual front such as window detailing, space or galaxy roof appearances, solid green tube slides, rock wall rocks with multi colours etc create a beautiful looking set within any backyard. Also among many of the sets you will see the classic features of our 2.2m or 3m straight speedy slides, monkey bars, belt swings, trapeze bars etc so our current and future customers do literally get the best of both worlds.

If you have any further questions on this topic or about our range please feel free to contact us on (02) 9517 4544 during business hours otherwise we are available 24/7 upon our online live chat service found at the bottom left hand corner of our website.