The Benefits: Fun filled Climbing Frames for Smaller Backyards

Your garden may be small or you may not want to take up all the space you have therefore our range covers you on this, with smaller climbing frames that still make a big impact within your backyard and even bigger impact within your children’s heart. We specialize in providing Climbing Frames for a variety of gardens on a global scale therefore if you have a yard we can fit and have the options for you!

Most think that with a small yard comes limited space for fun features such as monkey bars or speedy slides however that theory does not apply here! We provide fun filled options for adventure and climbing with our slides, swings, forts, rock walls, trapeze bars etc. Our Climbing Frames are also manufactured from beautiful and durable Cedar Wood and covered by our 10 year wood warranty.


What are the fun filled benefits we provide regarding our smaller sets:

Even though your playset might be smaller, you can rest assured it’ll still be safe, and will include a whole selection of great play accessories to keep your children happy for ages. The garden is a great place to play, with loads of benefits to health and fitness, and having your own playset makes it even more special. Below we have detailed some of the key play features on our small climbing frames.

Fun speedy slides:
The first thing kids always run to at the local park is the long and exciting slide which brings so much enjoyment therefore we know a fun and thrilling slide is important! With an option of straight or speedy slides we offer a different journey for all. With high side railings and manufactured to withstand large loads of climbing, sliding etc our slides will last and be a definite hit in every backyard.

Variety of children swings:
We use sturdy and loved yellow belt swings with are flexible and provide a comfortable and supportive mold to the child’s bottom to allow hours of fun without discomfort. These swings can be seen on all seats while we also have the option for the younger more new born children in the selection of either High Back Baby Seats or Buckets. We also have trapeze swings and 2-child glider swings which can be purchased as an accessory.

Beautiful rockwall ladder:
Perfect for all climbers of all abilities and ages, for the more younger children we provide a ladder among the rock wall additions so they are able to work their way up to the more challenging and adventurous solid climbing rocks. Great for growth and strength.

Exciting monkey bars:
Yes! That is right we can even provide beautiful and well adjusted monkey bars within our smaller sets. The perfect excuse for children to monkey around and improve their core strength. Hanging, climbing and swinging from the monkey bars helps develop children’s strength, coordination and confidence. Monkey Bars are one of our most popular features, and they maximize the lifespan of you playset by enabling your children to enjoy the play equipment as they get older.


This is our great addition to our fabulous Climbing Frames range. By providing this option we hope it saves purpose for many parents out there looking to save space and get more
bang for their buck when purchasing an already quality and highly loved product on a global scale.

If you have any further questions on this topic or about our range please feel free to contact us on (02) 9517 4544 during business hours otherwise we are available 24/7 upon our online live chat service found at the bottom left hand corner of our website.