Some help after you Purchase your Cubby

Our wide range of climbing frames, play sets, cubbies and swing sets are all designed for DIY home build and therefore do not require an installer as those with basic knowledge and understanding will be able to fully complete this build.

We provide everything that is needed to safely install your set ie hardware, wooden components which are all pre-drilled/pre-stained and pre-cut, ground anchors etc however you will just need a basic DIY tool set which is listed within manual to drill in screws, bolts etc. The way we express how the installation process works is that one of a big IKEA project but a little bigger and for the garden. There is no doubt that this is a once in a life time project and one which is well worth it, therefore when installing always consult and follow the manual as stated. All should take their time and go easy with their power tools when tightening bolts and when screwing in as it must be guided in with a controlled manner. We provide some helpful tips for installation within the user guide and can be found within your provided manual.

The benefits in regards to the ease of the job to install your frame includes:
– Detailed step by step, easy to follow manual with illustrations and walk through instructions
– Detailed parts ID section for easy to identify parts pre and during build
– All wooden components (90% upwards) is pre-drilled, pre-stained and pre-cut for convenience
– Our quality China Cedar Wood is kiln dried making it more durable and less likely to twist or check

Also here are some useful blogs to read before your build:
1) It really isn’t as hard as you may think and this blog tells you why- It won’t be as hard as you think!
2) This will help in preparing you and also your yard space- Building your climbing frame
3) All hardware with regards to our usage of screws information here- Climbing Frame Safety Screws
4) In depth information on maintain your Climbing Frame- Maintain your Climbing Frame
5) Ideas for floor surfacing (we suggest natural grass however)- Play Equipment Safety Surfacing
6) How to anchor your Climbing Frame down correctly- Anchoring your Climbing Frame

Do remember the wood is a strong, durable and beautiful product to touch, feel and experience HOWEVER it is a natural product and has its unavoidable natural characteristics. As we produce top of the line quality Cedar Wood to all customers hairline splits around drill holes and ends of wood panels may appear on arrival however is normal, once constructed and the wood starts to absorb moisture these hairline cracks, splits etc disappear. Knots are also common within wood and again to be an expected occurrence 10509628_853747271325673_9132154753074164352_nhere and there within some parts, these are not to be worried and still will accommodate to a very high safety standard. Please remember wood is a natural product and with these charming, eye catching and common natural features of wood associated with our products and if it does not appeal to you there is always metal or plastic alternatives you can look out. However you are backed up with an extensive warranty against rot, decay and infestation so you have peace of mind with your purchase and longevity of your frame.

Also staining your set annual with a water based sealant helps protect your wood against any pests, sun exposure, wet weather etc and also provides great assistance in the reducing any small splits you may see and also the overall appearance of the frame- keeping it looking fresh and brand new. Whilst we understand that many customers have busy lifes and tend to over look the maintenance side of things once their frame is erected however the more you look after your product, the wood, tighten bolts down appropriately etc the more the frame will last and continue to look fresh and smooth.

On the rare occasion you have missing parts, please follow this link and fill out the online form-