Selwood Crestwood Cubby House Play System

The Selwood Crestwood Cubby House Play System is a beautiful playset.

Not only is it manufactured to exceptional levels of build quality, it also provides all of the most popular features in an excellent value playset.  A garden playset with a 1.52m(5ft) desk height and a 3.65m open spiral slide makes this set amazing value for money.

Selwood Crestwood Cubby House Play System

The swingbeam can keep four busy at a time with a 2 child glider and two belt swings.  The solid rockwall provides a challenging way to get to the large playdeck, or theres always the flat step ladder to the rear of the playset if the children don’t fancy the climb.  The open spiral slide from the deck has a curve that provides an additional two feet of ride when compared to comparative straight slides, somthing appreciated by the children every time they use it.

The treehouse cabin looks stunning with it’s wooden roof, cabin windows and sundeck area measuring approximately 2.12m by 1.05m.  Not only will the children love it, but it will also look great in the garden.

This climbing frame is from our premium range, featuring large dimension lumber up to 10cm x 10cm(4inch x 4inch), higher deck heights at 1.5m(5ft).  The higher deck means that the slide length is increased up to 3m(10ft), rockwalls are 30cm longer and theres more standing room below the treehouse fort

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  1. I brought this set for 4 & 6 year old daughters after reading a lot of reviews of all different types of playsets and this has been an amazing addition to the backyard. I love the design of this set and the price was great too. We sorted all parts before my husband assembled it with 2 of his friends and it took them most of the weekend to assemble. I couldn’t be happier and more importantly my girls LOVE IT!!!

  2. This set looks great, we got it for a great price, it’s sturdy and makes the kiddos want to go outside to play! They absolutely love this set and it’s great for backyard playdates and they are having so much fun playing in the imagination station and the curvy slide is a hit. It is not difficult to assemble – more time consuming than anything else. A fantastic playset all ‘round.

  3. I did a lot of research on the wooden swing sets and this was the best deal. My husband and I are not the type of people to put large things together well, so called in the reserves (his parents).

    Good quality materials that fitted as shown but you must spend the time identifying everything before you start the build.

    It is a fantastic purchase and we would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about purchase a playset with so many features. Your kids will get years of enjoyment out of this.

  4. My kids have wanted a playground for a long time and after much research we bought the Crestwood and they love it! It is a fantastic set – my 4 year old loves the curvy slide and the rockwall and the older kids like the fort so they can have time for big kids. Without a doubt I would recommend this product to anyone researching backyard playsets – the finished product looks amazing and I’m really happy with the quality of the wood and how it looks in our backyard.

  5. I bought this product last October and my kids have played on it just about every day since we installed it.

    They and the neighborhood kids are having so much fun and there are no more park visits – everyone comes to our house which we love too! We are so glad to see them outdoors so much playing in the fresh air and watching their imaginations run wild with all the different games they are inventing. It’s been a fabulous purchase for our growing family.

  6. We only wish we had brought this sooner! Our kids are crazy about their new swingset. They particularly love the curvy slide slide and playing shop in the imagination station. They are getting a lot of activity through climbing up and down the rockwall and we couldn’t be happier seeing them spending so much time outdoors.

    A bit time consuming to put together but as advised by the Climbing Frames team, we checked off all the parts against the manual before we began assembly. We ended up making it a team effort and included the kids in the build and had a lot of fun!