Securing your Climbing Frame to the ground

Unlike many other climbing frame companies, we include ground anchors as part of our ready to assemble kits. A lot of other companies suggest that you cement your climbing frame into the ground; this can be tricky when it comes to selling your home or if you’re in a rental property. We avoid this situation by using metal or wooden anchors on our products, they both do the same job.
The Selwood premium range of Next Generation Climbing Frames use Metal Stakes. This includes popular sets like Glee, Nova, Peak, Toro, and Elan.
Metal anchors feature specially formed washers and are 406mm in length.
The Selwood Products modular range which, includes best sellers for over 5 years, like the Meadowside, Hazelwood, Osborn and Woodchester, have hardwood ground anchors.
These feature pre drilled holes ready for installation and are 355mm in length.
Selwood Climbing Frames are designed and constructed using quality materials with your child’s safety in mind. All our climbing frames use high quality lumbar known as ‘Cedar Wood’. The design of our anchors makes them easily inserted into the ground as well as easily removable, meaning moving your play set to another destination or just replacing the stakes is easy.

Why you need to anchor/fix your Climbing Frame to the ground:

Any outdoor play equipment that offers children fun through movement needs anchoring.  The use of swings on any structure will create movement no matter how heavy or big the structure is. Even inflatable castles and trampoline manufacturers state anchoring is key as part of safe long term use. To eliminate this movement we provide an anchoring system at a key point of the structure.
Notably high winds are a major risk factor towards outdoor climbing frames. Securing your frame down with ground anchors reduces the risk of frames toppling over in the wind. For people living in areas that experience frequent bouts of high winds & stormy weather we advise sets are securely anchored to the ground. In most cases concreting the anchors into the ground is the safest option.
Negatives of cementing:
  • Messy – unless you work with cement daily, believe me this is a messy process.
  • Extra work – making the cement.
  • Extra expense – cost of cement and sand.
  • Cement will rot wood – the make up of cement rots wood, this is a fact proven here:
  • The climbing frame would no longer be a movable structure and may create planing issues.
  • You cannot take the climbing frame with you, if you move house.

How to use and install the ground anchors:

Our anchors work perfectly whether your play set is on grass, sand, bark or artificial grass.

Please watch our video guide below on how to anchor your play set:
The most common ground stake positions are shown in the photo below – on each corner of the fort and the swing beam.

Checking your ground anchors:

Ground anchors need to be checked….

  • Beginning of every play season – check for looseness, damage or deterioration.
  • Every month during play season.
  • After heavy bouts of bad weather (wind/rain).
  • End of the play season.
We have a blog that specifically discusses the different types of surfaces you may install your climbing frame on. Please follow this link: