We Have One of the Best Warranties in the Swingset Business!

At Climbing Frames Australia we bring you fantastic warranties on all the products we sell.

We offer the manufacturer warranty on anything we sell for third parties but we also offer our exclusive 10 year warranty on all our Selwood Products range. This includes climbing frames, playsets, swingsets and playhouses.

Selwood Products ensures that all products they design and manufacture are made to exacting standards and meet all required testing requirements. The number one priority is to provide the customer with the highest quality, safest products available.

Toro Climbing Frame

We have confidence in offering you one of the best warranties in the business:

Selwood Products

Climbing Frames Australia – Exclusive Selwood Products Warranty

10 Year Wood Warranty (against rot, decay & infestation)

1 Year Warranty on all other components

Warranty Part Replacement Schedule:

10 Year Wood Warranty (Wood Rot, Decay & Infestation)

Up to 1 (one) year from date from purchase – Free Parts & Free Shipping

1 year to 10 years from purchase – Free Parts + Shipping & Handling

Note: Shipping & Handling costs capped at maximum $65.00 (average shipment $25.00)

1 Year Plastic/Metal/Wood Warranty

Up to 1 year from purchase – Free Parts, Shipping & Handling

Note: Shipping & Handling costs capped at maximum $65.00 (average shipment $25.00)

NOTE: This warranty applies to the original owner and registrant and is non-transferable. This product is warranted for RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY. Under no circumstance should the product be used in public settings, such use may lead to product failure and potential injury. Any and all public use will void this warranty. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights as well which vary from state to state or country to country.

This Warranty does not cover:

• Travel expenses, lost wages, or labour costs, involved in the installation or replacement of the parts

• Cosmetic defects which do not affect performance or structural integrity of a part or the entire product

• Vandalism, improper use, failure due to loading or use beyond the capacities stated in the assembly manual

• Acts of nature including but not limited to wind, storms, hail, floods, excessive water exposure

• Improper installation including but not limited to installation on uneven, unlevelled, or soft ground

• Twisting, warping, checking, splitting, or any other natural occurring properties of wood that do not affect performance or structural integrity

• Modification voids any and all warranties and the manufacturer will accept no liability for any modified products or consequences resulting from failure of a modified product


We bring you peace of mind, knowing that all products we distribute are of exceptional quality and tested to worldwide safety testing standards.