Live Chat Available 24/7!!


We understand that perhaps buying over the internet isn’t always ideal. There may be immediate questions you have about purchasing a cubby house or swing set that you need answering. Perhaps you may be at work and sharing the fact you are buying a swing set with the entire office isn’t ideal. We are experts in outdoor play equipment and would love to share as much helpful advice with you as we can. Live Chat is the perfect platform and is now available 24/7 in our Australian office!

So what are the key benefits to using our Live Chat?

1) 24 hour service. No matter if your an early bird who likes to online shop at 6am or you enjoy staying up late to plan your Christmas presents there will be someone online to assist you and point you in the right direction. We have offices all over the world so you may well be chatting to our UK agents throughout the night….which is pretty cool!

2) Questions answered quickly. Instead of waiting for a reply through email, you have someone on hand whos job it is to respond to your questions immediately, no waiting around!

3) Less hassle. There is no need to log onto email, find our email address or phone number. The live chat pop up is on the webpage ready to use as you need it.

4) As you discuss the topic at hand and are directed through processes you can actually do this on our website and maintain the love chat!

5) Agents are experienced and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the frames and if we dont know an answer to a question, we will either find out the answer or direct you to the right person!

6) Not only is there advise available for the decision making process, we have heaps of knowledge on after-sale and maintenance queries.

7) At Climbing Frames we have some fun characters who love giving personable advise and also like to have a joke with the customer from time to time to make it a fun experience for the customers.

you will find the live chat on