Lay-By your Climbing Frame

A Lay-By is a fantastic opportunity for customers to lock in an amazing price on their desired climbing frame but do not want to take delivery right away so you can hold this gem of a product until a later date. How this works is you pay the total 10% of the frame, any additional products you wish, delivery or collection today and then you have 6 opportunities to pay off your remaining 90% at any given stage by logging into your account online and depositing your desired amount. This is a great chance for those who do not have all the funds right now to have an opportunity to save for a few months, put that money aside and also secure one of our unbeatable prices and create a nice memory for the kids!

Designed in UK & Canada, and manufactured to our specification in our factories from premium cedar wood. Next Generation Climbing Frames are a huge step forward in wooden climbing frame design. Great play features, premium cedar construction, and pre-assembled wall and roof panels. Your Selwood Climbing frame will be quick to assemble, durable and fun for your children.

10% Deposit – You’ll only need to pay a 10% (non-refundable) deposit to secure one of our quality climbing frames, cubbies or swing sets.

No Interest – Our layby scheme is interest free (0%), so you don’t pay any interest charges on your settlement payment(s).

No Fees – We don’t charge any extra fees, and there are absolutely no hidden charges. You pay only the advertised price.
Settlement Payment(s)
– Want to pay a deposit and one settlement payment before delivery? No problem. Want to pay a deposit and monthly settlement payments? No problem. You can login to your customer account and pay.

11418895_10155712248980430_4150902594591009739_n-165x300What are the benefits of lay by?
The main and most important one for all customers is securing the competitive and affordable prices we constantly offer to customers for a product that oozes quality, good times and longevity. The lay-by option is great for catching a real bargain as we
showcase different sales from week to week also during weekends, giving ample opportunity for all our important customers to secure these bargains without missing out and having the time to save up and get ready for the introduction of the incredible Climbing Frame.

Can I pay off my Final Payment early?
We suggest that you pay off your remaining balance on the selected date however if you do see your selected Climbing Frame is In Stock via our website or contacting our customer service team you are welcome to provide us a call or complete your payment online and we will have your item dispatched as soon as we can and within the stated delivery/collection time frames. You will receive a reminder email from us at Climbing Frame around the time of final payment to ensure you do not miss out on your purchase.

Can I get the product earlier or Can you hold the product for a while for us after Final Payment?
In regards to holding your product we can not do this, as once you pay off your Final Payment immediate delivery will have to be accepted within the stated delivery/collection time frames and the warehouse will not hold you frame any longer then this, if your product is sitting in the warehouse for some time you may incur a and/or various storage fee from our courier company but this is generally not a problem as customers are itching to get their hands on our frames!

If you need any further assistance you can drop us an email on, jump on our 24/7 live chat feature which will pop up when you head to our webpage or alternatively give us a call on 02 9517 4544 during business hours and we will be happy to be of assistance.