Fun & Imaginative Role Play for your Child’s Development

Role or pretend play is important & fun for child development and nearly every Play group and Pre-school these days have some kind of ‘lets pretend’ area. Often this is some kind of kids cubby. This could be a shop, a police station, a kitchen, a vets – the list is endless. Role play is important for development of social skills, physical development, language and communication skills.

Role Play enables children to act out new situations, practising in a safe environment, where mistakes are without risk. It can help build confidence and encourages interaction between children. This helps children learn and develop social skills which will help them later in life. It helps children learn how to problem to solve, and figure out different situations.georgian-manor-playhouse_inside

Pretend play is critical for cognitive skills and helping children build the ability to solve problems and draw their own conclusions. It will also help develop fine motor skills and coordination.

The best bit is that children do not see that they’re learning, they just see fun. So it’s a win, win situation all round.

Here at Climbing Frames, we love a play kitchen. So many opportunities for fun and learning. We have included a play kitchen with some of our playhouses for a while now, but now some of our new climbing frames come complete with a kitchen area in the lower playhouse.

The toy kitchens include:

  • A counter/worktop. Perfect for resting plates, chopping and decorating tasty cakes (or mud pies)
  • A pretend stove complete with dials.
  • A sink with hot and cold pretend taps. All great chefs need to wash up after all!
  • A set of pans and cooking utensils.
  • A handy rack for hanging up the pans and utensils. Ideally situated so busy chefs can always find what they need.


Having a kitchen area is a great way to get more out of your climbing frame. It provides an extra feature, an inside option for when the weather perhaps isn’t as great as we would like, and not only that, it also sparks the imagination, creating an opportunity for pretend play, not to mention the delight which is a properly made mud pie! Designed with the same principles as all our products – safe, fun, fantastic quality products built to last outdoors.

Climbing Frames specialises in quality wooden play sets with swings & slides, with fast delivery, an easy home build that comes pre-drilled, cut and stained. With a 10 year warranty. Made from cedar wood, so all our climbing frames are naturally resistant to rot and decay, the same goes for our wooden playhouses. With no need for pressure treatments or nasty chemicals, this is a fantastic natural product.