June’s Best Selling playsets from Climbing Frames AU

Our sales for the month of June have been amazing as the very attractive pricing and sets we have on offer do not disappoint! Below we have the best sellers –

Burghley Climbing Frame-
Starting with one of our most popular sets this month of June is the Burghley Climbing Frame. This simple yet interactive set has been a winner due to its compact sizing for medium sized backyards without missing any of the best features, below are some of the distinctive features-

– 2x belt swings in Yellow
– Sturdy gymnastic trapeze bar in green
– 6x rung monkey bars leading onto fort section
– Installed chalk board to inspire creativity
– Combination rock wall ladder creates access to fort section

For more information on the Burghley click the link now- Burghely Climbing Frame


Texas Climbing Frame-
This set has been a running attraction for our customers for a strong couple months due to its brilliant features, affordable price tag and beautiful physical exterior to freshen up any backyard and automatically make it child-friendly. The Texas Climbing Frame possess
many interactive and fun-filled features, they are listed below for convenience-

– 2x belt swings in Yellow
– 2 child glider, kids sit back to back and swing in singular motion
– 3x rung monkey bars
– Completely wooden set including beautiful wooden detailing, roofing etc
– Rock wall ladder combination to gain access to fort
– Chalkboard to inspire creativity and expression
– 2x cafe stools and care counter to play kitchen etc

For more information on the Texas click the link now- Texas Climbing Frame

Built-by-a-Woman-__16-06-2015-8-53-15Nova Climbing Frame-
Apart of our new and impressive Next Generation Series the Nova has proved its position within the family being a popular seller this month of June. Best suited to those with a little more room, however, the space in the backyard is well used with the accessories shown below-

– 2x belt swings in Yellow
– Sturdy gymnastics trapeze bar in Green
– Monkey Bars located at the back of the frame
– Double slides including 1x straight slide and 1x tube slide in Green
– Combination rock wall ladder to gain access to fort section
– Large upper play area/ decking for activities
– Functional door and adjustable hands on clock is shown on fort
– Beautiful outer space detailing in corners and safe window features

For more information on the Nova click the link now- Nova Climbing Frame