It’s all about the slide!

For most children it’s all about the slide.

Many families get the kids in on the climbing frame decision making and for little ones all the focus is on the kind of slide the playset will have. It has to be fun, it has to be speedy but it also has to be safe. We have 3 different typesthat we fit to our climbing frames. They vary in shape and length and a customer’s decision making can be far simpler if they know the main differences.

The Straight Slide

We call this the straight slide but it may also be referred to as the straight wave or straight wavy slide. This is due to the slight bump in the middle which gives it a little bit more excitement and fun. The straight slides that accompany our 1.2M (4ft) decks are 2.4M in length and those on the 1.5M (5ft) decks are 3M in length. As the slide is generally positioned at the front of the frame we suggest the straight slide, and climbing frames with the straight slide for those with longer gardens. The high rails (which are also a feature of the curved slide) provide safety for little ones at the top of the slide. The higher rails create what is called a ‘deep dish’. The area where their little bottoms go is deeper and therefore safer. There is far less chance of them toppling over the side or hurting themselves and the high sides keep them firmly in place. The end of the slide is flattened out which means that they land on their feet with a safe exit. The straight slide comes as one piece which means it takes just a  matter of minutes to clip onto the frame.

The Curved Slide

The curved slide, or the curved wavy or wave slide, is a great space saver as it curves around from the side to the front of the climbing frame rather than sticking straight out to the side or to the front. The curved slides for the 1.2m (4ft) decks are 10ft (305cm) in length and those on the 1.5M (5ft) decks are 12ft (3.66M). The curved slides also feature the high rail sides and ‘deep dish’ to keep children on the slide and safe. It also has the flattened out bottom for a safe exit. The curved slide comes in just 3 parts and snaps together in 10-15 minutes. With all the excitement the kids will be begging to go down the slide the minute you attach it to the frame. However we would strongly advise that you try to hold them off until the slide supports are firmly in place.

The Tubular (spiral) Slide

The spiral or tubular slide has a ride length of 3.66m (12ft). It is also a fantastic space saver as it twists back on itself it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The tubular slide has one spiral in the middle and is flat at the bottom so again little ones have a safe exit and land on their feet. The spiral slide comes flat packed in a box to keep delivery costs down. This means it will take longer than the other slides to construct but it looks fantastic, like something from an adventure playground or corporate play park.

We suggest those with older children (9 years+) don’t go for the climbing frames with spiral slides, the curved ones are far better for older children.