Climbing Frame Playhouses

Kids love to play, and they enjoy nothing more than imitating mum and dad, so having their own little house is a popular climbing frame features for kids and parents. Especially when their playhouse has it’s own entrance, windows and a serving counter so they can serve their friends and siblings with tea, sandwiches and ice cream!

Playhouse Package 1.2m (4ft)

The Selwood Playhouse Package is an add-on kit which can be attached to any Selwood Products 1.2m (4ft) Climbing Frame Fort. The package comes flat packed and easily mounts to the existing fort structure, replacing the sandpit area.

Selwood Playhouse Package


Playhouses are an excellent way to encourage children to interact with friends and siblings. The features included with the playhouse also encourage this, with the serving counter, stools, and window with flower box.

Kids Wooden Playhouse


The entrance on the Selwood Playhouse is open to enable children to easily enter and exit. There’s no door, so there’s nothing to impede them entering and leaving whenever they like.

Kids Wooden Playhouse


Our playhouses include a serving counter across the front of the fort. This enables several children to sit or stand either side of the counter to interact with others. Two stools are also included.

Kids Wooden Playhouse

Flower Box

There’s two side windows so children can play and interact with each other through these too! On the outside winder there’s also a flower box so children can plant flowers each spring to have their house looking as beautiful as mum and dad’s!

Kids Wooden Playhouse


We include a set of stools with two seats, so children can sit at the serving counter to wait for their sandwiches or ice cream.

Kids Wooden Playhouse


The inside of the playhouse is light and airy due to the windows and open front. It’s also roomy, with approximately 90cm (3ft) by 120cm (4ft) floor space, you can bring in a kitchen or chairs. There’s approximately 1.2m (4ft) of headroom.