Building your Climbing Frame

When you purchase a climbing frame from us, we ensure that it is as easy to build as possible so all you need is basic DIY skills (it’s just like an Ikea flat pack project). We supply you with all of the wood, slides, hardware etc and a fantastic picture based instruction manual.

Before you even open the box(es)…

Before installing your climbing frame, you must clear obstacles from the garden such as rocks and tree stumps or anything that could cause a problem to building. Please click here to read another blog which discusses the different surfaces that you could use.


Your job…

You will need the following basic tools to build your climbing frame:

-Measuring tape.

-Drill (1/8″ 3/16″ bit).


-Ratchet (1/2″ 7/16″ and 9/16″).


-#2 and #3 Phillips or Robertson.

-Square ruler.

-Step ladder.


You need to check that you have enough space for not only the climbing frame, but also a safety zone around the outside of the frame. The safety zone allows space for children to move around the outside of the play equipment and also use the slide and swings without worrying about hitting anything.

When positioning your climbing frame, it’s a good idea to pick an area that is convenient for adults to watch children at play.

Checking parts before you build is our main build tip. Ensure that you have every piece and no damaged parts before you dedicate time to start the assembly process.


Our job…

DIT Kit:

Our climbing frames are specially designed for home assembly. Our designers and engineers have invested lots of time to make the build as simple as possible for our customers. They come flat packed with 90% of the wood pre-cut with pre-drilled holes and fantastic picture based step-by-step manual.


The wood is cut to the correct lengths and we’ve even made the edges round with no sharp corners. The main bolt holes have all been pre drilled so you know where the structural parts of the frame join together. This helps ensure your playset will end up level and stable. We also pre-stain the wood, ensuring it looks great from day one, although as with any wooden outdoor product we would advise you re-stain as required.

Illustrated instruction manual:

All of our flat pack climbing frames come with an illustrated owners instruction manual. The manual will talk you through the build process in very simple steps from parts identification through each stage of the build. The stages of the build are done in simple steps with a mini parts list for each segment. As with any DIY project, preparation is key so we suggest you identify all the parts before you commence your build and have everything laid out for easy identification.


All of our wood, hardware, plastics and vinyl has been safety tested to ensure it is low in toxicity but strong and durable. The hardware needs to be resistant to corrosion, yet high tensile strength to ensure it can withstand many years of use. The wood must be able to support multiple children playing at once, as do the plastic accessories and the vinyl roof materials need to be durable against wind, rain and sunshine.

The Build!

STEP 1: Take all parts out of the boxes and lay them on the ground, checking as you go.

STEP 2: Open the inventory at the beginning of the manual and put a tick next to each part when you have found it.

To identify each part, you need to check the get the 4 digit code from the end of the panel and match it to the last 4 digits within your parts identification list. The other way to do this is to measure each piece of wood and match it to the parts list in the manual. 

In the unlikely event that you have any missing or damaged parts, you will need to fill out a parts request form. We aim to send to dispatch replacements 2-3 working days.

STEP 3: Ensure that all holes are aligned and matched up before you bolt parts together; do not tighten hardware completely at first. It helps to have some adjustment for bolt alignment whole you are attaching parts together. After everything is square, tighten each joint.

STEP 4: After the main unit is assembled, it is critical that the floor is level and square. If the main frame is not level the walls and floor will be out of square.

STEP 5: After you complete installation, make sure every bolt, screw and nut is tight and every board is secure. Wood will expand and contract with the seasons. Check all bolt connections and swing hangers every two weeks.


We have some helpful videos that show how each part is built. Please click here to go to the assisted assembly page.

If you have any queries whilst assembling your climbing frame, we have a specialist on live chat almost 24/7