Build Your Own Climbing Frame

Build Your Own Climbing Frame

Thousands of people choose to build their own climbing frames every year, and Climbing Frames aims to take the hassle out of the process by providing you with ready-to-build kits. Including all the wood, hardware and accessories (swings, slide(s) and climbing grips etc) our DIY climbing frames come flat packed with everything you need

About Your Garden

When considering building a climbing frame in your garden, you need to consider a few important elements, including the space you have available for play equipment (including safety area around the frame), in addition to what access other family members will need, and how you intend to maintain or surface the garden.

Dividing your Garden

Many people will not want the whole garden taken over by children’s play equipment, although others will feel that this may be what their garden is for. If you’re intending to have decking, a BBQ, a flowerbed or even a vegetable patch, ensure you divide your garden up so you know where the play equipment will go and what space you have available. Remember, play equipment is best suited to a level surface, so do not try to situate it on a slop, or undulating area.

Measuring your Garden

Ensure that you measure your garden accurately, and ensure you leave a safety margin. All play equipment should be left with a safety are to ensure it is safe to use, and safe for others to move around whilst children are playing. If there’s not enough space near swings, slides or climbing features such as rock walls, then children are at risk of injury if they have an accident.

Garden Shape

Once you’ve decided where your playset will go, and measured the space you have available with a safety area, you need to consider the layout proportions. Will the area be square, rectangular, or an odd shape? Be aware that playsets vary in size and shape, so consider that you man need to be flexible with your requirements.

Design Your Own Climbing Frame

When choosing what you’d like on your climbing frame you not only need to consider the size of the garden, and the layout dimensions, you also need to think about the ages of your children and the features they’d be interested in. Do they love to climb, do they primarily want to swing, or would they like multiple slides?


Swings are one of the most popular features, and our climbing frames are often also known as ‘swing sets’. This is because many people start their search looking for gardens swings, then realise that they can not only get swings for the garden, they can get a complete garden playset which includes swings, plus swing accessories, such as trapeze bar or 2-child glider.


Slides are one of the most commonly searched for features, and Climbing Frames have the largest selection of climbing frame slides available. We stock multiple lengths of straight slides and tube slides. Some of our climbing frames include more than one type of slide, so if this is what you children love then they’ll be thrilled with these garden playgrounds.

Monkey Bars

Some kids love to climb, and monkey bars are one of the best ways for children to do this. Older kids especially will enjoy the challenge our monkey bars provide them.

Climbing Frame Kits

Our ready-for-home-build climbing frame kits come with everything you need for your climbing frame build, except for the tools. All hardware, wood and accessories are included, so once you’ve chosen a playset with the right features, which fits in the space you have available in your garden you can expect to receive a flat pack climbing frame kit


Our ‘build you own climbing frames’ are specially designed for DIY installers. Our designers consider your requirements from the first phase of design, ensuring we use the same drill heads wherever possible to save you time changing drills. We also ensure all wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained.


Our kits are pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained to save you as much time as possible. The wood is cut to the correct lengths, and we’ve even chamfered the edges so they’re rounded and there’s no sharp corners. The main bolt holes have all been pre drilled, so you know where the structural parts of the frame join together. This helps ensure your playset will end up level and stable, but you need to ensure the surface it’s placed on is level too. We also pre-stain the wood, ensuring it looks great from day one, although as with any wooden outdoor product (deck, shed, fence or playset) we would advise you re-stain as required.

Illustrated Instruction Manual

All of our flat pack climbing frames come with an illustrated owners instruction manual. The manual will talk you through the build process in very simple steps, from parts identification, through each stage of the build. The stages of the build are done in simple steps with a mini parts list for each segment. As with any DIY project, preparation is key, so we suggest you identify all the parts before you commence your build and have everything laid out for easy identification.


Our climbing frame kits can be built with normal DIY tool kits, including items such as electric screwdriver, hammer, spirit level and tape measure.




All of our wood, hardware, plastics and vinyl has been safety tested to ensure it is low in toxicity, but strong and durable. The hardware needs to be resistant to corrosion, yet high tensile strength to ensure it can withstand many years of use. The wood must be able to support multiple children playing at once, as do the plastic accessories, and the vinyl roof materials need to be durable against wind, rain and sunshine.