Anchoring your Climbing Frame

Our customers are looking for high quality products for their children to enjoy throughout their entire childhood and some more, therefore we like to ensure we provide such service and make sure our products are as safe as possible. To assist in this notion our play sets must be installed correctly and securely so to provide some added and extra assistance with this, all our sets contain Wooden Ground Anchors to safely secure your set to the below grounding. Unlike other play sets, centres etc that suggest you cement your sets in which can be tricky when moving house, selling your home therefore leaving it to the next buyer or if your in a rental property we avoid this situation by providing this solution.


As you probably have all of our playgrounds are made of cedar wood, meaning they are heavy and have a solid structure. They have been perfectly designed to be solely laid on the lawn. The feet of the structure and find their support and will move into the soil. However, we know that children love to swing higher and higher and go down the slide as soon as possible. So, a little more stability and support are absolutely essential. Therefore, all our playgrounds are delivered with anchoring stakes to be driven into the soil. Using these, you can anchor your product for more security if you wish for those more windy conditions and areas and if your set will be placed in an widely open space.

Ground anchors are highly recommended to peg down any play structure to ensure maximum stability. Our wooden ground anchors are provided with all of our climbing frames as standard. They are made of solid pine and are easy to attach to the bottom of any play structure. Safety is paramount and ground anchors are an essential part to any homemade structure. Along with a selected number of ground anchors in all sets we do provide the option to purchase more as a pack of 4x with all fixings included.

The Climbing Frames team have perfected the design of their frames so that children’s safety is not compromised in any aspects and with these added safety extras and assistance of the Wooden Ground Anchors to ensure all stability is set firmly in place.