Add value to your property before listing

Selling your home? We have had customers let us know that their Climbing Frame has been requested to be included with the selling of their homes. (we have even seen our Climbing Frames on the Aussie TV show Selling Houses Australia)

Even if you don’t have one yet, you can purchase one and stand out from the crowd, you know buyers will be looking at loads of homes so why not purchase 1 set it up and make your home memorable to the buyers and their children!

Here are some added bonuses of having a stunning Climbing Frame in your backyard
– Makes the yard look more family friendly
– Stands out from the crowd when buyers view lots of houses
– Kids always talk about the house with the amazing cubby
– Cheaper than conducting big landscaping projects
– Add value and $$$ to the price of your home

Check out this customer review below!

Sunny cedar

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< $500                                         < $1500                                < $2500

Amazing!! This is our second climbing frame purchased from Climbing Frames Australia. We were so happy with our first and so were the purchasers of our previous home they asked for the frame to be sold with the house. We decided we could upgrade our play set at the new house and our boys have always liked The Grandview Deluxe. As always, great service from Climbing Frames Australia along with good delivery times. The set is very well built, easy to install with good instructions. Everyone comments on how amazing it looks. The boys love it. Will keep recommending Climbing Frames Australia. Thanks again for another great product and service.

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