A Modern Twist on Traditional Play

The all-in-one outdoor play centre. No longer in your garden do you need a tree house, a stand alone slide, a monkey bar, a swing unit and a freestanding playhouse.


Our Nova Climbing Frame has it all!


The Nova has a stunning, compact design, loaded with play and role play features.

It has the massive double-deck measuring 165cm wide by 109cm in depth – there is no need to have a playhouse and a swingset anymore. The upper play area is not only a walk through to the slide, it is a den bigger enough for several children to play.

Kids can choose the tube or wavy slide (an absolute favourite for years) for getting back down to earth. Access is gained by using the combination rock wall ladder – you can choose the easy or challenging option.

Two belt swings and trapeze, monkey bars, rock wall and a cubby that includes a toy kitchen with pots and pans this climbing frame has so many options kids will be entertained for years.


 2 Swings & Trapeze Bar

Children love to swing whether they’re playing with friends, siblings or on their own. Our belt swings have a gripy surface and are flexible so they wrap around to ‘hold’ your child’s hips as they sit and swing.  This inspires extra confidence and provides as much safety as possible. Trapeze bars are popular with older children as they can climb, hand or swing from aerobatic handles. You can also purchase a baby swing for younger children to replace the bigger belt swings.


 Tube Slide/Straight Wave Slide

The Nova climbing frame features two slides – one that exits from the front (straight slide) and another that exits out of the side (tube slide) of the upper fort.

High rails mean children have secure hand grips to help them sit down onto or climb up to slide and ensure they are retained all the way down. Beautifully smooth from the front, we use dual reinforcement for the sides and rear of the slide. This ensures it’s solid and durable for children of all ages.

The wave in the middle of the slide provides a little extra fun whilst the reduced gradient and step at the bottom means they land on their feet, rather than their bum.

The tube slide is located just over 1.2 metres (4ft) from ground level. The slide features a fully enclosed construction which connects securely to the side of the fort without any gap. The tube slide also features two wooden supports that secure the position of the tube side at key areas to ensure maximum strength and stability whilst in use. Another important safety feature is the slides exit gradient at the base which has been reduced to provide a safe exit speed for your child at the end of their journey.


 Climbing Rock Wall & Ladder

Our rock wall combines with a slatted ladder to make it suitable for all ages. It is mounted at a 70° angle, making it fun and safe to climb.

Including 5 dual colour rocks in various shapes, these fun climbing rocks are mounted with two recessed screws to prevent spinning.

The monkey ladder swing is always a popular feature with children enabling them to swing care freely into the upper deck. Located around the back of the fort measuring 134cm out, it provides a challenging swing which helps to build children’s upper body strength and also helps with co-ordination.

 Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are the challenge that kids love, these have four swings to complete as an exciting way into the play fort. You have a step up so they can reach up for the first rung of the ladder. Once up they have challenging gap that the youngest children may need a little help. Watch their confidence and strength grow as you are no longer needed

Made from the same quality cedar wood, the rungs are strong but gentle on young hands having been sanded to create an smooth easily gripable surface for kids to hang and swing from one to the next landing up on the play deck.

Creating an additional challenge for kids is great way of extending the life span of climbing frames so older children keep playing outside in your garden.


 Lower Cubby/ Playhouse

Children love role play so why not let their imagination run wild in their very own cubby. Enclosed in the lower part of the play fort, the cubby measures approximately 165.7cm x 109cm so provides plenty of play space for multiple children.

The lower cubby is filled with fun activities that will help to keep your children entertained. Access can be gained through the magnetically fastening door located around the front of the set. Located at the far end of the set as you enter is the kitchenette which features a play sink and hob with a number of fun play utensils. Around the back of the playset is the cafe counter area that features a chalkboard and free standing bench. This is ideal for children who want to play shop, check-in desk or any other games.



The large raised play deck is one of the most popular features on our forts. Children simply love to climb up to the deck and waive down from the windows. Complete with green window frames or safety mesh in open window areas it’s a fun, enjoyable and creative hideaway.

The cabin on the Nova benefits from the Next Generation add-on which increases the overall footprint of the fort structure to 165cm wide by 109cm in depth. The upper level has a beautifully designed roof which provides ample headroom of 165cm from floor to roof peak. There are also a number of well position windows for looking out over the garden below.


 Finishing Touches

We understand that whilst the primary purpose of a climbing frame is to provide your children with a fun, creative and social play equipment. We also appreciate you wish to have beautiful and durable playset too which is why we take time to ensure our playsets include finishing touches such as window frames, roof sunburst and a cafe counter sun shade.

It’s the little details that count from the robertson safety screws to 10 year wood warranty and easier home build. We’ve taken the time to ensure you get the most complete garden play equipment possible, with as little fuss as possible.

Climbing Frames Australia are the manufacturer so buying direct from us means it comes from our warehouse and your warranty is held direct with us.

If you like the look of the Nova but you’re limited on space, we have the Epic Climbing Frame which may be more suitable. It still has some of the popular features from the Nova, but it’s a slightly smaller version.

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