A Climbing Frame vs Other Kids Toys

When we have money to spend on our kids, we want this hard earned cash to be replaced with play value, fun, longevity and quality. Today we are taking our popular and globally loved Sandy Cove Climbing Frame and showing you the top toys out on the market at similar pricing to show why you should choose our fantastic play set instead!

There are lots of options out there and it seems to be getting harder to satisfy the newer generation of kids with a versatile outdoor product that wows at an affordable price. The item you choose should suit your idea of what you would like to see your children doing in their spare time in warmly welcoming friends over for social interaction. Just like hiding vegetables in their food, they will be unknowingly strengthening and building all aspects of physicality, co-ordination and movements alike.


Below is a selection of 3 items, priced at the same value with a comparison to our Sandy Cove Climbing Frame:

Pricing for the above are:

– Basketball Hoop at $1199.00 – There is a limitation to Basketball Hoops with it’s one function and purpose. While very fun and active based, we think variety is key in keeping kids interested and moving about more often.

– Electric Ride on Car at $1399.00 – Again while super fun and really cool, the Electric Car provides the single function which parents may see their children get over it’s magic within a few weeks time. For it’s price tag, this is something to consider.

– Jumping Castle at $650.00 – This is always a fun feature for multiple kids to use together. Maintenance might be difficult for full time parents who want peace of mind that their children can just play whilst they sit back and relax.


Now onto our fantastic Sandy Cove Climbing Frame:

Our Sandy Cove Climbing Frame is a multipurpose play option with an endless outcome of functions, play ideas and fun. Included in the price is 2x belt swings, a 2 child glider swing, endurance building monkey bars, interactive chalk board and a picnic table that could easily be made into a sand and water play area.

Our sets are built with zero limitations and pack filled of features with options to get creative. You could transform the bottom section just below the fort into a sand pit or ball pit. This would create a new fun feature as the kids grow with the frame. Along with providing many stress free afternoons after school and on the weekends, we have utilised its smaller overall footprint to maximise all the play features your child could possibly want.

Not only functional, the Sandy Cove is made from strong, quality Cedar Wood which looks fantastic in any backyard and becomes a vocal point. Bring the fun of park playgrounds to your own backyard – it really is a great family investment.


– Zero limitations
– Functionality
– Pack filled with Features
– 2x belt swings
– 2 child glider
– Monkey bars
– Rock wall ladder suitable for kids of all ages
– Picnic table or sand & water play area
– Chalk board
– Speedy slide
– Creative options to install a sandpit and/or ball pit under the fort



With our comparisons from products you may see out there and our recommended and globally adored Climbing Frames, we hope we have provided an indication for how we can accommodate your needs and more importantly keep your kids entertained and amused for many afternoons, weekends and years to come. It’s always advised to think before you shop; something versatile and functional which won’t leave you broke is something we try to provide for all families.