It won’t be as hard as you think!

All products whether Climbing Frames, Cubby Houses, Sandpits etc from Climbing Frames Australia are for DIY and home build however we make the process as easy as possible and achievable for all experience types from those with basic knowledge to those with industry experience.

All our sets recommend this project as a 2 person job and a basic DIY tool set will be needed to complete the installation process. Once your climbing frame is delivered you will receive the essential manuals which are easy to follow, step by step guides with clear illustrations to assist in the safe build and construction of our quality frames. Everything you need apart from the DIY tools such as drill bits, measuring tapes etc will be included within your purchase, this will always include all necessary wood, hardware, bolts and screws and accessories shown upon your frame.

Our sets have been designed with the understanding in mind that not all us out there have experience with such projects therefore making it simple and clear. Our manuals are clear and concise, and our sets are pre-prepared and around 90% is pre-drilled to make things as easy as possible.

Information on our Wood Components:
We use quality Cedar Wood with all our frames due to
the wood’s natural beneficial characteristics which make it ideal Afor outdoor play equipment as cedar is an extremely durable wood and is highly rot resistant due to it containing natural preservatives that prevent fungal growth, rot and decay and also insect attacks such as termites. When manufacturing our wooden components we ensure all parts are pre cut to exact measurements, lengths and shapes required for easy installation along with pre-drilling all the bolt holes in the correct positions to ensure easy identification and placement when in the construction phase. In addition to this, we also pre-stain all wooden components to ensure they look beautiful, have a lovely smooth surface and are also protected from the weather within the early stages. However we do suggest you apply a water based sealant to your set (can be found at any hardware store) roughly 1 to 2 times a year depending on your location just to keep up the appearance and protection levels on the frame.

Information of Plastic and Metal Components:
We provide all the necessary plastic and metal components to complete the construction and again such items as tube slides, straight slides, two child gliders etc will come with an in depth step by step instructional manual with clear illustrations to assist and guide you to a successful installation. All bolts, screws and other components are generally found within one or two large hardware bags and can not be missed, bags are clearly labelled for easy identification. All our sets PAGEwill have a 1 (one) year warranty on all plastic and metal components from date of purchase. If you are interested in understanding your full warranty detailed information can be seen within the ‘TECH SPEC’ section under the image of your selected frame in the Documents section.

Instructional Manuals:
All our sets come with instruction manuals which are simple, concise and provide step by step instructions with illustrations broken down to make the process as simple as possible. Just like anything that needs to be built by the customer it will take some time and patience especially something of this size however the end satisfaction and look on your child’s face will make the hours spent well worth it!!! If you wish to check through the manual before purchasing we have all manuals up on our website which can be found under the ‘TECH SPEC’ tab once you have clicked on the frame you want to see, some come in 1 booklet while others come in a couple depending on the frame.

Here is a breakdown of what you need for the build: