Wooden Cubby Houses For Children's Gardens

Cubby Houses Kids Wooden Cubbies With Swings & Slides

Our children's cubbies are designed to look beautiful and provide your children years of fun imaginative and creative play. Suitable for children aged 3-12yrs of all abilities.

Our play equipment includes a central fort with a elevated and/or lower cubby house. Some also include slides, swings, monkey bars and rockwalls.

If you need any help choosing a playhouse for your children please contact us via live chat, email or telephone and our experienced, polite and helpful staff will be happy to help you decide

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Cubbies for Smaller Gardens

Smaller Garden Cubbies

Ground mounted cubbies are perfect for all ages of children especially younger children. Who may find climbing up to fort decks harder. Our ground level cubby houses also offer the added benefit and often include extra features. These include doors, serving counters (with freestanding bench), and a play kitchen, with sink, cooker and pans.

Elevated Cubby Houses

Elevated Cubbies

Elevated Cubby Houses offer children the ultimate lookout tower, so they can wave down to mum and dad from their windows up high. For children the thrill of being so high is very exciting, enhanced further by the access to the slide(s), rockwall, and monkey bars.

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