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One of Australia's most popular retailers of children’s outdoor play equipment. Climbing Frames Australia is a true specialist with experienced Live Chat Assistants available almost 24/7. We're here to help you choose the right playset for your family, garden and budget.

Checkout today's great offer - Our Windale Climbing Frame includes premium cedar wood, 2.2m slide, combination rockwall ladder and a 3 position swingbeam! Our climbing frames are designed for children aged 3-14, and manufactured to ensure easy DIY home-build. Manufactured from premium cedar lumber and tested to the latest safety standards, ensuring our play equipment is both safe and durable.

Our range of Next Generation Climbing Frames, help to save you time whilst constructing thanks to its pre-built panelised panels.

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  • 10 Year Wood Warranty
  • Easy DIY Home-Build
  • Fun & Creative Play
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Convenient & Cheap Local Collection
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Customer Climbing Frame, Cubby & Swingset Gallery

Customer Review Gallery

We've received reviews from hundreds of happy customers. We add all customer reviews to our play equipment gallery to show that our products look fantastic in gardens too, not just in our website images.

Browse through our gallery to get ideas of which climbing frame might suit your garden. The customer review feedback on the product page shows fantastic examples.

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Featured Climbing Frames

Looking for our best offers or most popular climbing frames? We have included a selection of this week's best offers on climbing frames.

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  • Windale Climbing Frame

    240 Review(s)
    Windale Climbing Frame
    Width 3.93m x Depth 3.30m x Height 2.69m

    RRP - $2,399.00 Save 58%

    Special Price: $999.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $1400 (58%)

  • Texas Climbing Frame

    84 Review(s)
    Texas Climbing Frame
    Width 4.40m x Depth 4.12m x Height 2.89m

    RRP - $2,899.00 Save 66%

    Special Price: $999.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $1900 (66%)

  • Wren Climbing Frame
    Width 4.35m x Depth 3.88m x Height 2.86m

    RRP - $2,500.00 Save 54%

    Special Price: $1,149.00

    Availability: In-Stock & Layby

    Save: $1351 (54%)

  • Goldenridge Climbing frame

    114 Review(s)
    Goldenridge Climbing Frame
    Width 5.23m x Depth 2.26m x Height 3.30m

    RRP - $3,999.00 Save 65%

    Special Price: $1,399.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $2600 (65%)

  • Jazz Climbing Frame with slides and monkey bars

    11 Review(s)
    Jazz Climbing Frame
    Width 4.73m x Depth 4.17m x Height 2.86m

    RRP - $3,500.00 Save 59%

    Special Price: $1,449.00

    Availability: In-Stock & Layby

    Save: $2051 (59%)

  • Skyline swingset

    61 Review(s)
    Skyline Swingset
    Width 5.5m x Depth 3.7m x Height 3.23m

    RRP - $5,299.00 Save 62%

    Special Price: $1,999.00

    Availability: Layby

    Save: $3300 (62%)

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6 Item(s)

Climbing Frames with Tube Slides

Tube Slides

One of our most popular features, our exclusive tube slides are fun, exciting, durable and safe. Fully enclosed from the deck to the ground children get a super ride.

We also offer a range of combo multi-slide climbing frames that include both a straight slide and tube slide ensuring that your children get to experience the best of both slide variations.

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Easy DIY Home-Build

Our garden climbing frames have been designed specifically for easy DIY home build. Coming flat packed all our playsets come sealed in tough cardboard boxes. This ensures everything is protected and stays together during delivery.

All wood is pre-cut to length and pre-drilled. Finally pre-stained creating an attractive finish. So you just need to follow the illustrated manual to bolt and screw together with the included hardware.

Our Next Generation Climbing Frames have pre-assembled panels, saving you more time and hassle when it comes to assembling the playset in your garden, with only a few screws needed to affix each wall panel.

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climbing frame

Kids Monkey Bars

We have a selection of climbing frames with monkey bars suitable for children.

Approximately 5ft from the ground these monkey bars are ideal for slightly older children. All children should be supervised when using garden play equipment. Younger ones should have a spotter until confident.

Children are born with great grip strength able to support their body weight at an early age, monkey bars allow this to continue. Further developing balance, coordination and strength, children of all ages find monkey bars both fun and challenging.

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